Sometime ago, one could only rely on the real estate agents in order to get information about the search of a new home. Today, with just a smartphone, one can peruse through thousands of listings and make a successful search for a new home depending on one’s needs and preferences. Mortgage companies, real estate firms, and listings, offer thousands of free smart phone apps that can help someone to get a share of the American Dream.


Daniel Terdiman, a writer at says that effective home-hunting apps employ the global-positioning system in order to locate where one is. Consequently, the apps provide a wealth of data and information on the listings that are in one’s proximity based on various variables such as the neighborhood, price, and preferred amenities.


Its website has an intuitive interface and its web developers have taken a lot of time to investigate what potential home seekers really want. It employs a powerful search engine and a touchscreen map in order to check the current listings. All one needs to do is to key in “current location” or the name of the desired city.

Terdiman emphasizes that this app does a good job in specifying if a certain home is “under agreement.” What this means is that the negotiations about its sale are going on between the seller and a potential buyer. In such cases, it is not advisable to concentrate on such a home.

Zillow has been instrumental in providing the famous “Zestimates”. These refers to providing a rough estimate (projected market value) of virtually every house in America. In addition to that, you are going to get data and information of the homes that have been sold recently (even Gold Canyon Homes for Sale). Moreover, you can get information about homes that are in the foreclosure stage but are not yet in the market. Such information helps a potential client decide if to buy a new home or re-finance the existing home. Furthermore, you are able to access rates with mortgage providers and initiate contact with a lender.


This app passes as a digital filling system. It has played a critical role in eliminating the use of paperwork. It can also help you to do the following:

– Create a to-do list that will be of great help in securing a home
– Can help you write notes and attach photos of each home toured
– Share notes with collaborators such as the spouse or the real estate agent

Credit Karma

One of the greatest determinant of the ability to secure a home is the credit score. A bad credit score translate to low chances of getting finances to secure a home. Credit Karma is an app that provides information about credit scores. Most importantly, it helps someone improve their credit score in order to improve the chances of home financing.

Other reliable apps include the following:

– HomeSnap
– Trulia

The internet has revolutionized the options of finding a home. In particular, the use of apps is providing more precise information on searching for a home. All one needs to know is to check out for the reliable apps in order to make an informed decision in the process of searching for a home.