Having a strong online process is one of the greatest concerns of online businesses. In fact, businesses have not hesitated to invest their capital and human resource in order to remain ahead of competition. However, entrepreneurs ought to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it means to have a strong online presence.


The term online presence refers to the total sum of all personal and business-driven business identities and the consequent interactions that those identities have established through the web. It is a gradual and continuous process that cannot be achieved overnight. Thus, it requests strategic planning and patience.

Take Barks Headphones for example. The didn’t build their presence overnight. It took many iterations, updates and making ongoing improvements to their products. Their classroom headphones have had many improvements over time, lending to their credibility and overall success in their business,

What It Means to Have a Strong Online Presence

There are various indicators and parameters that can be used to evaluate the online presence of an online business and determine if it is indeed healthy, strong, and consequential. To start with, the website of the company is one of the most obvious and basic ways of assessing the extent of the health of a business. The website of a business is the face of a business; and it is an effective tool of evaluating the level of its professionalism.

In connection to this, a professional website should have the following at the minimum:

  • A well-defined message on the nature of your business
  • About us page
  • Easy navigation
  • Room for feedback
  • Contact information

Second, a strong online online presence is characterized by a strong social media impact. These include Twitter, Pininterest, and Facebook. They play a critical role in improving the brand of the company. The more social media channels you use, the wider the audience. Nevertheless, one should be ready to tailor the social media method to use with the target audience.

Third, having a strong online presence means that you define your marketing goals. Time and resources are limited. Consequently, businesses can only afford to execute functions that have minimal input and have maximum output. Therefore, it is important to avoid wasteful marketing.


Fourth, proponents of internet marketing have long emphasized that content is king. In this regard, one should make sure that he or she provides valuable content. This can be in the form of books, podcasts, video, or blogs. Creating a strong online presence means that you have ability to be an authoritative voice in a certain field. In other words, you develop a niche. Providing value to you online visitors increases your online visibility and growth.

Lastly, having a strong online presence means that you are able to track your progress. It all starts with carrying a comprehensive research on a certain marketing strategy and assessing if it would work for you.

The following are strategies of tracking your online presence:

  • Checking the number of likes
  • Checking the number of Twitter followers
  • Tracking traffic through using Google Analytics
  • Reputation building through guest posting

Entrepreneurs ought to evaluate the shifting trends in the global market environment regarding online practices so that they can retain their competitiveness. Overall, having an strong online presence will help a business to appear legitimate in the eyes of the consumers. Perhaps, learning from the successful online businesses is not a bad way to start.